Re: [Evolution] unable to properly use evolution with microsoft and google mail

On Mon, 2017-10-02 at 16:17 -0400, d18jf98rw use startmail com wrote:
Even if it is an Exchange on the back end evolution has no idea about
it if account is set up as IMAP.

Hmmm. I've always found Evolution to be very robust in handling email
accessed via IMAP - moreso even than T-bird, which seems to have issues
with folder subscription and unsubscription.

Since I had problems periodically with Evo trashing local mail when
using POP3, I long ago switched to IMAP with it and have been very
happy with it.

I _have_ had to set up accounts as IMAP+ (imapx) when there was a
choice between this and "standard" IMAP, since the latter had issues on
Evolution. It seems that this choice is no longer available, and IMAP+
seems to work just fine with both Google and my company mail server
running Courier-mta (with Courier-IMAP server).

What kind of problems are you having using Evolution as a client with
IMAP servers? IMAP is a standard communications protocol defined by
RFCs and any ESP that offers an IMAP server should be able to
communicate with any MUA which supports it - which includes Evolution.

Frankly, I wouldn't trust Microsoft any further than I could throw them
to support RFC-based Internet standards, but Gmail does, and as I've
said, Evo works fine for me on Gmail. The long and short of it is that
if you can get the IMAP support you want in T-bird, you'll also find it
there in Evolution, probably better.

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