[Evolution] No inbox

Hi, Milan,
Thank you for your help,
I sent you a snapshot of Evolution mail V3.12.9.
It was stopped because it was too large although for an image file it wasn’t large.
I will try to explain what happens,
When you press F9 you get (leaving out the very top horizontal column)
a vertical column on the left. Written in it at the top of that column On this computer” and “Search folder”. Right down at the bottom of that same column you have “Mail”, “Contacts”, “Calendar”, “Tasks” and “Memos”.
The two horizontal columns to the right of the vertical column are both empty. 
When you press F9 again the vertical column on the left disappears. The two horizontal columns are still empty. There is No inbox, drafts etc.
Is there some other way that I can send you the snapshot. Maybe your Email?
Incoming mail is IMAP port 993, Outgoing SMTP port 465
I clicked on the “On this computer” in the left hand column 5 or 6 times and the column looked normal in the right hand top column but all mail that had been deleted was there with a line through them. The non deleted was there as will.
We will be changing to NBN next week. That is optical cable to a box in the next street then wire to the house. I under stand the Email will be changing to POP.
Sorry for being so long replying.  

Evolution run from terminal:-
ike@debiank:~$ evolution


** (evolution:1942): CRITICAL **: em_utils_folder_is_sent: assertion 'CAMEL_IS_FOLDER (folder)' failed

 ** (evolution:1942): WARNING **: Shell not finalized on exit

ike@debiank:~$ \

My email was working fine and the column that has inbox, drafts etc.
just disappeared. So at this stage I cannot see any email. I am using
windows 7 computer to send this email.
When I first start up the email you can see at the bottom of the
screen that it is downloading new email. I can’t see the email because
there is no inbox on the screen.
Can you help me please ?
My name is Isaac Shields
Using Evolution mail V. 3.12.9 and Debian 8 
I have tried:- 
press F9
But with little improvement. The inbox is still not there and no mail



could you provide a screenshot of evolution, with "censored" private

information, thus it'll be better understood what you see, please?

There are many variables which can cause Inbox not shown, being it the

side bar, the Inbox folder not being subscribed (if this is IMAP

account), the account can be disabled in Edit->Preferences->Mail

Accounts, or... I do not know what more I may try to think of and write

here with so little information you provided.


You can run evolution from a terminal, to see whether any errors are

printed there.


You might want to share what account type the "Inbox" folder you speak

about belongs to (like IMAP, EWS, On This Computer, ...). There are

many things which matter.



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