Re: [Evolution] Cannot delete address book

Hi Milan,
Il giorno lun, 24/07/2017 alle 09.47 +0200, Milan Crha ha scritto:
On Fri, 2017-07-21 at 17:31 +0200, Andrea Vai wrote:
But there is another item with the same name in the left pane (the
appearence is:
it looks like the address book is tight to a GOA account, maybe one
already removed, even the evolution-data-server didn't notice it
properly for some reason.
I suggest to search
for all .source files which contain "GNOME Online Accounts", then
delete these files, together with all of which are referencing them
(the file name, without the .source extension, is written in the
.source files).
thank you for the suggestion: so I closed Evolution, then

grep GNOME ~/.config/evolution/sources/*

gave me one result only (1461768503.4127.0@....source), and I deleted
it (moved elsewhere). Then,

grep 1461768503 ~/.config/evolution/sources/*

gave no results, so I started Evolution again but the item is still
there :-( could I try anything else? [tried running from command line,
but output shows no relevant info]

Moreover, from time to time an error appears in the upper bar:
   perform the search" [translation mine], and sometimes (not sure
related to the error) I notice that evolution-address-book factory
increases my CPU and memory utilization to very high values.
That would require more data, debugging, steps... Maybe you face

ok I will investigate it separately, moving to the other thread if

Thank you very much,

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