[Evolution] Cannot delete address book

  I am running evo 3.22.6 (Fedora 25) and I'm afraid I have one
misconfigured address book.

I have an account set up in Google Online Accounts and enabled for
"Contacts". The contacts from the address book show correctly in
evolution, and this address book seems working.

But there is another item with the same name in the left pane (the
appearence is:

[down arrow]<email address>

, exactly the same as the "working" one). If I click on "contacts", it
shows the same contacts, so I would like to delete it. How can I get
rid of it?

If I right-click on it, there is no "delete" option.

If I disable the account in GOA, the working address book disappears
from evo (as expected), but the "faulty" one remains listed.

Moreover, from time to time an error appears in the upper bar: "cannot
  perform the search" [translation mine], and sometimes (not sure if
related to the error) I notice that evolution-address-book factory
increases my CPU and memory utilization to very high values.

Thank you very much for your help,

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