Re: [Evolution] open

It sounds like Evolution "hangs" (does not respond to anything in the
user interface anymore) but does not "crash" (the application window
vanishes unexpectedly).

Please make sure that "gdb" is installed. Then open a Terminal window.
Then enter the command "gdb evolution". At the next prompt, enter the
command "run". Then make Evolution hang. Then enter the command "thread
apply all bt full".
I did just that. it shows a list of threads. It seams to take for ever. If I type your command 'thread apply all bt full' in between, nothing happens any more. At least it looks like. Could it be that it just takes a lot of time? as I said, my PC is not fast. to me it still looks like gdb is hanging just like evolution
Then post the *complete* output of *all* those steps somewhere.

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