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Update Fedora, Evolution should be on 3.26.3 on F27. It won't solve
your problem, but you should keep a dynamic OS like Fedora up to date.
yepp. done. and it doesn't change anything
If you the menus still work you can do Edit -> Preferences -> Mail
Accounts -> (select account) -> Edit -> Receiving E-mail  and then
click on "Forget password".  Evolution will always remember what ever
password you type in, otherwise you would be typing it every few
looked that up as well. Yepp. it's as you say.
You need to run Evolution from the command line and see if any errors
are produced there.
How does that work?
I did a back-up a few days ago, and with that it runs perfect. You know, restore with back-up and so on. Does that solve the problem, or would it come up in the next days again?
Did you do as Patrick suggested and create a new *Linux* user, login in
as that new user and configure Evolution? Does Evolution work then?
need to figure out, how that works as well.


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