Re: [Evolution] Sort so un-read messages come to the top?

On Sat, 2017-12-23 at 13:29 +0000, Pete Biggs wrote:
So.. Evolution still can't do something as basic as sort by unread
first, date second? 

As others have said, I haven't seen anyone else ask for it, so I'm not
sure it is as basic and fundamental as you imply. Personally if I want
to see just the unread emails I click on the "Show:" selector at the

Possibly because many people try for a few hours then go back to using
Thunderbird or something even more horrific. 

WORK arounds that involve extra work aren't the answer when other tools
aren't really the answer when people just want quick and SIMPLE ways to
do things. 

Yeah, life's a bitch sometimes. (And if WORK arounds didn't involve
extra work, they would be FEATURES.)

Sometimes people have jobs to fill their time with, and like quick and
simple ways to keep track of their mail. If they've built habits using
one system, they don't like to take the time to learn something else
because it kills their productivity. Lots of stuff gets filed under
"later" because people want to finish today's work and they'll try it
when they get time. 

And not all people have the mindset to use things like that. 

I'll have to toss up whether I keep E or [shudder] switch back to TB. TB
has utterly terrible message formatting defaults but they can be fixed
with a lot of faffing around, but TB can be made to show your messages
in ONE place. E has a much much much better composer but seeing all the
messages in one place? 

If all applications were perfect and did everything the same and
everything you and anyone else wanted on all platforms (and are free
and OSS), there would only be one application and we could all go home.

Great answer. "Hey, why don't you add this feature to improve your
application" "oh not every application is perfect". At least you suggest
a way to get it though :)

How about a "sort by unread" option? 

If you want to suggest an enhancement to Evo then you need to file it
in Bugzilla. It's the *only* way to get things done.

Thanks. I'll put some time into that in the next day or so if I can.
Meanwhile, I have to dash. 

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