[Evolution] Sort so un-read messages come to the top?

Sorry all, I've been busy lately. 

As previously discussed, I wish to have mail sorted so that first any
UNREAD messages are at the top, then sort by date in a descending

I currently have sort-by-status then sort-by-date but that does not work
as there's a message that is unread but has something else with its
status, therefore it sits well down the list. 

I'd rather not have thunderbird as while it can do this right, there's
other places it sucks badly which evolution gets right. 

Whatever the other "status" is (may be "replied to"), I don't want it
being part of the sort decision. That unfortunately makes messages
bloody hard to find and the reason I want the sort I want is it makes
new messages easy to find, not having to try to remember who they're
from and what they're about and so on (if I could remember that I
wouldn't be wanting to find them).

Currently running 3.12.9 on Devuan


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