Re: [Evolution] Sort so un-read messages come to the top?

On Sat, 2017-12-23 at 03:02 +0100, Ralf Mardorf wrote:

JFTR you also could add search folders to your folder tree and apart
from all that kind of filtering, it's helpful to use several folders, to
filter incoming and outgoing mails in the first place, before selecting
a sort order or using search folders.

So.. Evolution still can't do something as basic as sort by unread
first, date second? 

That's a shame. 

WORK arounds that involve extra work aren't the answer when other tools
aren't really the answer when people just want quick and SIMPLE ways to
do things. 

I'll have to toss up whether I keep E or [shudder] switch back to TB. TB
has utterly terrible message formatting defaults but they can be fixed
with a lot of faffing around, but TB can be made to show your messages
in ONE place. E has a much much much better composer but seeing all the
messages in one place? 

How about a "sort by unread" option? 

(I do have various folders for various things BTW, eg this mailing list
goes into it's own folder, as do others)

Thanks for the time. I do have a way to work with it thanks to your
responses, even if it's a lot ugly. :(

Thanks, take care and enjoy the season!  

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