Re: [Evolution] Exchange setting

On Sat, 2017-12-02 at 20:38 +0100, gmail wrote:
Everything is fine except for the fact that I can get only a part of
my folder "1111 ARCHIVI"  that in the original Outlook contains > 70 
subfolders  while in Evolution almost all of them are missing ( I
get only some 5) .

how do you connect there? Is it evolution-mapi or evolution-ews? I'm
unsure from the error message about the public folders.

Being it evolution-ews (Exchange Web Services), it can be that the
server decided to split the synchronization of the folders into
multiple chunks, which evolution-ews doesn't seem to have covered, but
it also can read many folders without it, definitely more than 5 (I
have more than 30 and they all show up in Evolution). You can run
evolution with:

   $ EWS_DEBUG=2 evolution &>log.txt

which will show raw communication between the server and Evolution,
where you might search for SyncFolderHierarchy requests and responses.
It can also contain IncludesLastFolderInRange in the response, which
shows whether the folder list had been split or not. As the update is
done iteratively, then you might delete
folder before running with logging, thus it's all downloaded from
scratch, including the folder hierarchy synchronization request.

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