Re: [Evolution] Evolution Won't Add Account with Maildir

But, now, whenever I go to re-add the server's email account to
Evolution on my desktop machine, Evolution keeps re-creating the mail/
directories on the server and trying to read the IMAP mail/ directories
instead of (what I want) reading the Maildir/ directories on the
server. Evidently, even though I deleted the server's account on
Evolution on my desktop machine, some vestiges of it remain in
Evolution's files, and it keeps trying to read the server's IMAP email
as mail/ not Maildir/.

Evolution, or indeed any IMAP client, has no idea about, nor any
control over, the format that the mail is stored on the server. I know
it looks that way, but it just doesn't.

The culprit here is Dovecot - it is a very versatile mail server and
consequently can be a bit complex to setup.  If you haven't done so
already, enable logging on Dovecot so you can see what it's doing when
the client connects - perhaps also enable IMAP debug on Evolution so
you can match the two data streams up so you get a complete picture of
what's happening.


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