[Evolution] copy & paste oddness

Ubuntu 16.04 Evo

This only showed up in the latest version - never a problem previously.

When I copy an email address into the buffer,  it refuses to paste in any of the address fields.

I find it difficult to believe that anyone could have conceived this as an enhancement,
so would have to conclude it is a bug. I have browsed several Evo sites and have found
no mention of it. 

I tested it again just now, and here turned up a curious phenomenon; I can place the cursor
squarely at the first character of the "Cc" field, visually verify that the cursor *is* there,
and when I click on "paste", the pasted string pops up at the point where the cursor
last resided before I placed it in the "Cc" box.  Not in the "Cc" box.

Is this perhaps a Gnome problem, rather than an Evo one? I ask because I assume cursor 
behaviour is more the rule of Gnome than Evo. ??



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