[Evolution] Evolution and tor network proxy


I'm trying to set up an IMAP account in Evolution (3.24.6-1.fc26) that would connect through a network proxy. 
I've also have other IMAP accounts in Evolution so I just want this one account to go through a proxy. I 
thought it would just be to go to Network Preferences and define a custom proxy, but it doesn't work. 
Evolution displays a question mark next to the account.  If I don't go through the proxy the IMAP account 
connects fine. This is the configuration instructions I'm following https://mailbit.io/configuration What I 
did was to define a Socks Proxy at localhost:9050 and tag this one account to use it. I know that the proxy 
works fine, because if I tell Gnome to use it in All Settings -> Network that for example Firefox uses that 

Am I missing something here?

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