Re: [Evolution] Syncing accounts

On Fri, 2017-12-01 at 10:02 +1300, M wrote:
Normally when you receive a message in a system, even IMAP, at least
for a little while the system keeps the message handy in case you
want to refer to it again a day later.

Andre's reference is to download and keep message for offline use,
depending on your evolution version either all of them, or you can
limit which (like only 10 weeks old and such).

What you mention above works transparently, there is no option for it.
Once the message is downloaded it's not redownloaded again when you
move to a different message and back, it's loaded from the local cache.
It stays there for some time even without the offline synchronization.
There had been done a change to not delete messages in the local cache
when the account is offline.

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