Re: [Evolution] Evolution and tor network proxy

On Fri, 2017-12-01 at 13:07 +0000, martin wagner mailbit io wrote:
I thought it would just be to go to Network Preferences and
define a custom proxy, but it doesn't work.

yes, it should be just it.

Evolution displays a question mark next to the account.

Right, so it fails to connect for some reason.

If I don't go through the proxy the IMAP account connects fine.

Hmm, in that case, why do you want to use a local proxy?

This is the configuration instructions I'm following 

There are several options listed, none mentions any proxy settings.

I know that the proxy works fine, because if I tell Gnome to use it
in All Settings -> Network that for example Firefox uses that proxy. 

Well, http/s and socks are different protocols.

I see that the address resolution doesn't use the proxy setting. Would
you mind to file a bug in GNOME bugzilla [1], thus it can be tracked,
please? And more importantly, are you able to test any change I might
make, please? I do not think I'm able to properly test it here, even
the change is mostly straightforward.
        Thanks and bye,


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