Re: [Evolution] Sorting issue?

On Fri, 2017-12-01 at 12:07 +1300, M wrote:
Seldom get messages in threads in my inbox (1 inbound + response or
one outbound+response), so no threaded view. 

threaded view means View->Group By Threads.

The sorting is all over the place. What I want is first sorted on
status (unread at the top), then by date with most recent at the

The status column doesn't mean only read or unread, it covers also
replied to, forwarded, basically whatever the (usually first) column
with envelope icon in the message list look like. I suppose you see all
with the same status at the same part ("grouped together) of the
message list, then sorted by date. The Group By Threads option can move
them around, that's why it had been mentioned.

The sorting by date doesn't seem to want to work - some emails from
yesterday are near the top and some are 3/4 way down the list.

You said the sort by date is the second option, not the first (the
first is by status), thus it can be the reason. As long as the column
you use to sort by date (Date or Received) shows a valid date, it's
also sorted by it.

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