Re: [Evolution] syncing Gmail contacts

Milan Crha schreef op wo 23-11-2016 om 14:45 [+0100]:
it looks like you didn't try to search the archives with the above URL,
neither GNOME's bugzilla, because otherwise you'd know the answer. You
may even get pretty good answers with "Gmail contacts", eventually
"Google contacts" in this list archive. It's a pita to repeat it again
and again...

...and again: Use GNOME Online Accounts (GOA), that provides OAuth2.
You can even enable only Contacts part in GOA, and use the rest from
within the evolution. As you do not use GNOME, just run/install
gnome-control-center from where you can access Online Accounts.

Sorry about the pita, but I was under the impression that the use of GOA
is deprecated (as Benjamin writes in his reply). I now understand that
this depends on the functionality (contacts or calendar) and version of
Evolution. So, thanks everybody for clearing that up.


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