Re: [Evolution] control font size of Gnome applications within KDE4 on FreeBSD

El día Thursday, January 28, 2016 a las 07:30:03AM +0000, Pete Biggs escribió:

The font control for Gnome is now in 'gnome-tweak-tool'.

Thanks for that hint. I installed it from the ports, but it gives

$ gnome-tweak-tool 
WARNING : Shell not installed or running

No window comes up. Amy idea?

I suspect that the lack of Gnome Shell is causing it problems - much of
the functionality of gnome-tweak-tool is to do with Gnome Shell.

What is the Gnome Shell exactly? Some background service or something
like a "terminal" wherein gnome-tweak-tool must be started? I'm asking
because there is a port in FreeBSD...

Anyway, can't you use the font controls within Evolution?

Yes, I can. But this only affects the fonts in the mail reader/composer
and not in all the menues and buttons. Is there some other way to make
them smaller, say to 9 points?

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