Re: [Evolution] LDAP Frustration

On Thu, 2016-12-29 at 19:35 +0100, Michael Hirmke wrote:
Hi Ilsa,

Hi all,
I'm trying to set up Evolution (v3.18.5.2, as installed by Ubuntu
16.04)  to pull GAL information from our Active Directory, but it is
unbelievably frustrating.

any reason, why you are using LDAP instead of using the native Exchange
EWS connector and pull the address books as Outlook does?

I presume it's because the OP is trying to get information from Active
Directory and not from an Exchange server - they are different things.

TBH my experience of using AD as if it's a native LDAP server has never
been very fruitful. It always seems as if MS has tweaked it to make it
incompatible with "standard" LDAP.  But it is a few years since I tried

In the first instance try running Evolution from the command line -
that should give you any error messages. If nothing obvious is shown,
then enable LDAP debugging on the addressbook - details on how to do
that are at:

I suspect the debugging out will contain private information, so it
would be unwise to share it without sanitizing it first - and it will
be big, so please don't send it to this list - if need be upload it to
something like pastebin and send the link here.


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