Re: [Evolution] LDAP Frustration


any reason, why you are using LDAP instead of using the native Exchange
EWS connector and pull the address books as Outlook does?

I presume it's because the OP is trying to get information from Active
Directory and not from an Exchange server - they are different things.

oops, you're right, of course.
I used Exchange with AD for such a long time, that I couldn't imagine an
AD environment without Exchange.

TBH my experience of using AD as if it's a native LDAP server has never
been very fruitful. It always seems as if MS has tweaked it to make it
incompatible with "standard" LDAP.  But it is a few years since I tried

In fact it is really easy to get information from AD via LDAP and even
LDAPS (if this port is open) *if* you get the authentication right. You
can't get anything using anonymous access, because by default the guest
account is locked. But if you authenticate using a valid dn with a valid
password everything should work smoothly.


Michael Hirmke

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