[Evolution] LDAP Frustration

Hi all,

I'm trying to set up Evolution (v3.18.5.2, as installed by Ubuntu
16.04) to pull GAL information from our Active Directory, but it is
unbelievably frustrating.

The biggest problem I have is that you cannot change any settings after
initially creating the Address Book entry!  Any changes are
categorically ignored, forcing me to delete the Address Book entry and
recreate from scratch.  Am I the only one running into this issue?  I
can't believe such a critical bug exists.

After a myriad of attempts trying to get it to work, I'm left with the
impression that LDAP in Evolution is flat out completely broken.
Different settings seem to cause wildly different behaviour.  My most
recent attempt has the following settings.  I kept as much as possible
as default:
Name: unnamed
Birthdays: unchecked (default)
default address book: unchecked (default)
Autocomplete: checked (default)
Copy locally: unchecked (default)
Server: my server
Port: 389  (Nothing else seems to work)
Encryption: StartTLS  

Authetication: DN
Username: my DN

>From here, in the Using LDAP tab, the "Find Searchbases" button works
and populates the search base correctly.

Search Scope: Subtree
Search filter: (&(objectClass=user)(mail=*))

When I click Ok and then try to search, I get the expected entry but
then I also get a big red error bar that says LDAP error 0x1
(Operations Error)

The following appears in /var/log/syslog:

libebookbackend-WARNING **: ldap_search_handler: 01 (Operations error),
additional info: 000004DC: LdapErr: DSID-0C090752, comment: In order to
perform this operation a successful bind must be completed on the
connection., data 0, v2580

I don't understand why this error comes up.  If I leave the filter
blank, I don't get an error but then I get a whackton of unwanted
results.  If I fiddle with other settings, such as "Copy book content
locally", I get no responses at all, nor do I get any error messages.

What I am trying to do can't possibly be that unusual.

The settings I *want* to use are:
Mark as default address book: on
Autocomplete: on
Copy book locally: on
port: Group Catalogue port 3289
Encryption: LDAP over SSL
Scope: Subtree
Search filter: (&(objectClass=user)(mail=*))

But if I try that, I can't even look up the search base.  It says
Failed to Authenticate with LDAP server.  If I enter the base manually
and click Ok, I get no results when I try to search, nor errors.

If I disable SSL but leave the rest of the settings above as is, it can
detect the search base but I *still* get zero results.

At this point I am beyond frustrated and can't understand how such a
fundamental feature could be so fantastically broken.

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