Re: [Evolution] LDAP Frustration

Hi Ilsa,

Hi all,

I'm trying to set up Evolution (v3.18.5.2, as installed by Ubuntu
16.04)  to pull GAL information from our Active Directory, but it is
unbelievably frustrating.

any reason, why you are using LDAP instead of using the native Exchange
EWS connector and pull the address books as Outlook does?


At this point I am beyond frustrated and can't understand how such a
fundamental feature could be so fantastically broken.

Did you have a look at the windows logs of your domain controller?
You should look in the security log to see if your authentication was
accepted. And perhaps you should switch on LDAP logging to see, what
query exactly was fired against the DC. But be careful with the LDAP log
- it tends to become really big really fast.

Michael Hirmke

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