Re: [Evolution] Sending/Recievin Window doesn't close


Am 05.03.2015 um 23:42 schrieb Andre Klapper:
On Thu, 2015-03-05 at 19:20 +0100, Ulrich Goebel wrote:
Welcome! :)


I made an account to one of my eMail-addresses, IMAP and SMTP. And it
works, that means I can send and recieve eMails.

But if I klick the Button "Verschicken/Abrufen" (that's like
"Send/Recieve" in english?), I get a window "E-Mails verschicken und
abrufen" which shows a progress bar (?) and never closes!

Even while this windos is open, I can send and recieve eMails.

Is only a single account configured? Which account type is this about
(POP, IMAP, ...)? As it "never closes", how long have you wait?

Yes, there is just one account configured. It's IMAP and the coresponding SMTP (same server, same user).

I wait about 15 Minutes.

Ulrich Goebel
Paracelsusstr. 120, 53177 Bonn

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