Re: [Evolution] Strange line wrapping in 3.15.92+

On Thu, 2015-03-05 at 22:38 +0000, Joakim Tjernlund wrote:
Maybe, I would like be able to send it to my browser thogh

Evolution cannot let you simply click on the link, because you won't 
be able to change its content, but you can verify link's validity 
(even in the plain text document), if you Ctrl+click the link. When 
the Ctrl is pressed, the mouse cursor changes to a "hand", when the 
mouse cursor is hovering above recognized clickable link (verified 
with this message, links at the very bottom, pointing to evolution-
list details). This feature is in evolution for couple releases (the 
old composer knows that too).

Why the line breaks/wraps?

To avoid too-long lines.

This looks more like random line breaks, these lines are much 
shorter than the ones in
my other windows and much harde to read.

You are not supposed to read the message source, it's your mail 
application task to decode what was transferred over the wire and 
present it to you in a human readable way.

Extra '\n' before "bra att:"

Probably because by adding the leading >  now the line should 
break earlier (actually, there's no *need* to 
do that, the line could b eup to 998 bytes, but the MUA thinks 
it's a good idea).

Precisely, lets not add random \n 

The line breaks at 72 letters (approximately, and can be configured in 
git master), because the paragraph format is "Normal". Choose 
"Preformatted", to not "auto-line break".

Though the problem here is elsewhere. The git master composer, when 
replying to messages, has a code which tries to detect long lines and 
merge them into one paragraph, with which one can work better. Its 
heuristic is still under development, thus this feature will be 
disabled for the upcoming 3.16.0.


P.S.: I guess it'll be less confusing, if you'll just name the version 
you use. The "3.15.92+" means for me "3.15.92 and any later version", 
like when a movie or a game is rated as "18+", thus "for 18 years old 
and older". The 3.15.92 wasn't even released yet, thus you use git 
master at certain commit.

Please do not take me wrong, this is just a little nitpick, that
the "+" after the version number means something else for me and for 
you. I appreciate you are testing the development version and report 
issues on it. It helps to identify issues in a real life usage, not 
only on the development machines and environments. Thank you for doing 

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