[Evolution] Sending/Recievin Window doesn't close


I'm new to Evolution, 3.10.4, working under Xubuntu Linux.

I made an account to one of my eMail-addresses, IMAP and SMTP. And it works, that means I can send and recieve eMails.

But if I klick the Button "Verschicken/Abrufen" (that's like "Send/Recieve" in english?), I get a window "E-Mails verschicken und abrufen" which shows a progress bar (?) and never closes!

Even while this windos is open, I can send and recieve eMails.

What to do?

By the way: do You speak german too here on the list?

Thanks for help!

Ulrich Goebel
Paracelsusstr. 120, 53177 Bonn

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