Re: [Evolution] Duplicate spam

On Sat, 2015-06-06 at 10:27 +1000, dean wrote:
Is anyone able to offer some advice? I have not received any 

On Wed, 2015-06-03 at 17:48 +1000, dean wrote:
Hi guys,

Evolution 3.12.9, debian 8, IMAP account.

I am having a problem with duplicate spam on one of my accounts. I 
tried deleting, selecting "remove duplicate messages" and expunging 
folder but the messages will reapear after moving away and 
the folder, checking the web mail the messages are still there. The
messages seem to increase and previously have filled my mailbox 
quota. I
have "check incoming messages for junk" off. The last time this 
i had to clear the messages, shutdown evo and delete them using web 
I have two accounts on this server and have only seen this happen 

So how do i debug this and stop this from happening?
ps screenshot of the folder:

It's very hard to know what's going on without more information. All we
know is that it's Evo 3.12 with an IMAP account, and some kind of
webmail which isn't identified. We also don't know whether the IMAP
server is the same as the webmail server.


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