Re: [Evolution] IMAP Folders disappear

On Thu, 2015-07-23 at 16:08 +0200, Andrea Vai wrote:
So, I am trying to produce a log of imapx:io regarding the part 
immediately after the disappearing of the folders. I am attaching the 
first one here, hope can help.

the log shows the [GMail] folder in the list, thus the server works
pretty fine and returns the folders as expected. I'm afraid I'm not
able to fully debug the evolution(-data-server) 3.12.11, the IMAPx code
is evolving (and devolving) all the time, some bugs are fixed, some
added, I do not recall all of them, I only know there were similar
issues, though not the same. The few of latest are:

All landed for 3.16.x only. You can ask your distribution maintainers
to backport those patches to 3.12.11 of evolution-data-server, though
it'll be probably easier to install a virtual machine with some
distribution which provides latest stable evolution (the current
version is 3.16.4, which is the version where one of the fixes from the
above bug landed). You'll be able to safely test whether the latest
version behaves any better than your distribution version without
breaking your environment.

by the way, this misbehaviour is quite unexpected, if you didn't change
anything on the evolution(-data-server) version side. Is it not
possible that the distribution pushed an evolution-data-server update?

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