Re: [Evolution] Smileys from Outlook?

If you are viewing the text version of the page, then it really is a
'J' that is in there!

Quite certain that I am not looking at the text version.. 

Actually don't bother with the Wingdings font - that version contains
hardly any Wingding characters, and certainly not the J/smiley

You could also look at the source code of the email to make sure that
the HTML version does indeed use wingdings and that the font name
needed isn't something like MSWingDings - it's Outlook after all.

When I try to look at the source code, it shows me base64 code... So 
perhaps this is not html but RTF...

MS-TNEF winmail.dat probably. Totally non-standard.  Dontcha love MS.

My mail system has a specific filter in it to convert MS-TNEF
attachments to HTML - I only see them when MS breaks its own
"standards" and they slip through.


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