Re: [Evolution] Smileys from Outlook?

On Fri, 2015-07-17 at 09:47 +0200, Bjørn T Johansen wrote:
Just wondering if it is possible for Evolution to display the smileys 
from Outlook instead eg J?

Assumed you allow to display HTML text, then you still need to install
the Windows font that provides a :) instead of a J. At the moment I
allow Evolution to display HTML formatted emails, but I don't have
Windows fonts installed, so I don't know if Evolution does chose the
correct font, when it's installed.

To edit mails you need to format in HTML and use the Windows font that
provides a :) instead of a J. AFAIK you can't choose a font using
Evolution's editor, but you can use an external editor.

Edit > Plugins > [x] External Editor > Configuration

No, I don't know a HTML editor and I don't know the name of the Windows
font you need to install, I'm just aware that there's a Windows font
that replaced the J with a :).

HTML formatted emails are obsolete. You should use plain text and don't
care about idiots formatting mails with fonts they have installed on
their machines, without taking care that others don't use the same
fonts as they do.

I chose the screen size, the window size, the background and font
colour and the font myself, so that it fit's to my needs. HTML
formatted mails try to break this and in addition they cause much more

Nobody should send HTML formatted emails.


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