Re: [Evolution] Is there to get an unread mail indicator next to each account name?

TheBat! - Not so well known but feature rich and solidly built 
(Windows). Does show unread message count when all you can see is the 
account name.

Can't comment - commercial Windows email client.

ThunderBird - Migrating over to this opensource alternative to TheBat!  
Not nearly as slick but very well known and used and yes it does show 
unread message count when all you can see is the account name.

Yes, and it's useless.  For me it currently shows 47811 - of which
precisely 2 are in my Inbox. And Thunderbird doesn't look in anything
but the Inbox for new messages as far as I can see: I get new mail in
multiple folders, some of which are much more important for me than
what arrives in my Inbox.

kmail - For my Android phone. Yes it does show unread message count when 
all you can see is the account name. I do believe this is reasonably 
well known when it comes to cell phones but can't say for sure.

Apple mail doesn't - it only shows the mail count in the Inbox for the

Outlook 2013 - Not next to the account name but in a summary on the 
right instead. Probably not the best of designs since that only works 
for the account you are on however at least they tried and recognize the 
need in some fashion.

It shows a summary of the account - only showing the mail count in the

Evolution. No it doesn't.

Well clearly Evolution doesn't suit your needs then.

Personally I think working with all your mail folder trees totally
collapsed is not standard working practice for most people.

Besides, I have given you a work around for Evolution using search
folders - which you have conveniently ignored.  Just because Evolution
doesn't do things in the same way as other clients, doesn't mean that
it is wrong, it's just different.

I believe that Outlook & Thuderbird are by far the main ones known and 
used out there however I personally only use Outlook to help determine 
settings for Evolution when I have to do something with the corporate 
world (not saying more as it gets off topic). In any case, all do show 
an indicator except Evolution and Outlook and even Outlook has a stab at 
showing the unread message count - just not very intelligently done when 
you get into larger numbers of email accounts - for one or two how they 
do it is pretty good. I cannot say even that for Evolution.

The bottom line is that the mail client you use is up to you.  If
Evolution is not suitable for the way you work, then don't use it - you
seem to like Thunderbird and if you are using both Windows and Linux,
then it may well be better for you to use a consistent client on both

If you MUST use Evolution, then you have to work within its parameters 
- and find ways around what you perceive as its shortcomings.  Or, of
course, this is all open source software and I'm sure the devs will be
happy to receive and assess patches to implement new features.

Oh, and please don't top post on this mailing list.


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