Re: [Evolution] Is there to get an unread mail indicator next to each account name?

Generally they don't show the count of the inbox. I was being a little too generic. Generally, each parent folder shows the total count of unread emails in it and it's child folders.

The account name is consider the parent of all so it shows the total unread emails in the account.

There's nothing inefficient about doing this unless you write your code inefficiently. E.g.: "Scan all folders for unread counts an update all folders count every time something changes in the email read or count status of a folder somewhere" would be about as inefficient as you can get but no programmer of any significant ability would write it that way. It would be written something like: When the read status in a folder changes, change the count variable for that folder. Now, transverse up through the parents and change their counts as well. This is quick simple and virtually insignificant overhead. There is one point of overhead of course and that is when the feature is added there will be some time to initially set all the counts but that's a one time thing and unless you have 100's of 1000's of folders and emails, very unlikely to be all that noticeable.

I think having a symbol that shows there is new unread mail since last time the folders were viewed is a great idea. I don't think it should be a substitute for showing the unread count. There is certainly nothing wrong with having both pieces of information available. The programmers may even want to show the unread count and the "new unread emails since the last time folders were looked at count".

Regardless of the exact implementation. ANY SORT OF INDICATION is better than nothing IMHO.

Thanks! I'll go there and put in a request.

On 7/12/2015 11:45 PM, Milan Crha wrote:
On Sun, 2015-07-12 at 01:00 +0200, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
However, for mail folders "unread" is shown, for account folders it
the indicators beside/on the folder names are these:
  * bold text - the folder itself, or any of its subfolders, has
    at least one unread mail
  * unread count in brackets - the folder itself has unread mails,
    the count is how many
  * unread count with a "+" in brackets - the folder itself has unread
    mails, the count is how many; the "+" is shown only if the folder
    is collapsed and it has subfolders which have unread mails; aka
    the "+" indicates "there are more unread mails in this hierarchy,
    which are not currently shown"
  * a "star" emblem on a folder icon - the folder received new unread
    mails since it was last visited

Collapsed mail folders don't show the asterisk that indicates
new mails, that IMO is an issue.
 From the above, it's not an issue, it's by design. The "star" emblem is
tight to that concrete folder, not a "sum" of subfolders. The same as
the unread count doesn't sum-up when you collapse a folder, the "star"
emblem shouldn't be "inherited" when the folder is collapsed.


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