Re: [Evolution] Problems getting to Gmail

On Tue, 2015-07-07 at 16:56 +0100, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
I had already used evolution --force-shutdown tghe previous time,
but I tried again with a re-login. Still made no difference. This is 
Evo 3.16.3 on Fedora 22 (under KDE, note).

aha, you are right. The code is there, but the change in the GOA
account isn't propagated to the disk, neither to the UI, unless the
corresponding GOA source is created from scratch. Search
for a .source file which has your GMail account email address and a
[GNOME Online Accounts] section. Then change the DisplayName in the
[Data Source] section to the one you want to use. The do the --force
-shutdown. It worked here fine.

Please file a bug against evolution-data-server that the GOA account
PresentationIdentity change isn't propagated into the UI. I'll try to
think of it, but better to have it also filled, just to make sure the
bug is not forgotten (maybe I'll get to it soon, I currently do not
know when exactly).
        Thanks and bye,

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