[Evolution] calendar search

[evo 3.10.4, linux mint 17.1]

Hello everybody,

like most people, I use to store my business appointments into my
calendar. (wow!)

Now when it comes to billing, I'd like to search my calendar for key
words (e.g. customer name), get a list of all appointments under this
key word, and copy contents - mainly beginning and end date&time - into a
spreadsheed (csv would be fine). 

Either all the findings - or only those of a adjustable period of time -
should be listed.

AFAIK, nearly everything for this idea is on board of evolution, lacking
only two things:
* make a list, not only of a month or week, but either of "ever", or an adjustable period,
* enable "copy" from the list to the clipboard.

Is that:
* bare nonsense,
* a feature request, or
* something which can easily be done in a different way which I didnt find?

Thanks for your hints!

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