Re: [Evolution] Evolution 3.4.4 & 2 Questions

On Thu, 2014-09-11 at 14:09 +0200, rabre hispeed wrote: 
Hello together,
I'am seeking specialists, because I do not come on.
Can you please help me and now thanks in advance
I have since debian 6 today debian 7 always problems with the passwords
in my evolution mail program. how can I solve once and for all.
The problem is I always have to re-enter all passwords
What I have done is under debian 6 a evolution Backup where I have
imported in debian 7
what is that? Please help me!

This is not a bug in Evolution.  Your install's or distribution's
keyring is broken.

sorry but I found in the online rtfm no help for my problem-password
 Does anyone know for my second problem-one help?

If you run Seahorse is the default keyring unlocked?  Does it contain
account passwords?  Is your installation set to unlock the keyring?  If
Seahorse shows the keyring as lock can you unlock it using your login
password?  If not delete the default keyring and create a new one.

I have created many notes I would now like to export for mysql.
Is that possible and is there a mysql help for the import?

You can save/export notes as VJOURNAL files.  You should be able to read
those with a Python script and the vobject module - do anything you like
with them.

Adam Tauno Williams <mailto:awilliam whitemice org> GPG D95ED383
Systems Administrator, Python Developer, LPI / NCLA

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