[Evolution] Evolution 3.4.4 & 2 Questions

Hello together,

I'am seeking specialists, because I do not come on.
Can you please help me and now thanks in advance

I have since debian 6 today debian 7 always problems with the passwords
in my evolution mail program. how can I solve once and for all.
The problem is I always have to re-enter all passwords
yes, the option to save passwords is enabled
no there is no special features.
times it comes with or without a previous update has been made​​,
sometimes delayed.
What I have done is under debian 6 a evolution Backup where I have
imported in debian 7
what is that? Please help me!

sorry but I found in the online rtfm no help for my problem-password

Does anyone know for my second problem-one help?
I have created many notes I would now like to export for mysql.
Is that possible and is there a mysql help for the import?

Kind regards

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