Re: [Evolution] Errors receiving mail via POP

I suspect that 90% of the problems reported are with IMAP because >90%
of people use IMAP.

I'm not so sure.  Most of the people I know use web mail. 

I meant with Evolution ...

 They do
everything through their browser.  Is that IMAP?  

No. Not at all.  IMAP is a protocol for accessing your mail on a remote
system, the web isn't involved at all.

I want no part of

Very blinkered approach.  You may not like a particular web mail setup,
but it is useful to have it as an option.

Basically POP is a method of getting your mail from a server and on to
your own computer.  That's it.  That's all it does.

No, not quite.  You're forgetting the deletion part of the process!  POP
does exactly what I want it to do!  If it is text, fine.  If it is HTML,
fine!  If it has an embedded image, fine.  If it has an attachment,
fine!  Send it to me and I, or rather my mail client, will decide what
to do with it.

Same with IMAP - IMAP is just a protocol for retrieving mail into a
client - it has no impact on how the mail is rendered.

  All the POP
implementation on Evo does is to stick the mail into your "On this
computer" folders and then plays with it from there.

Exactly!  And, it does it very well, thank you.

Sure, because the code is old and well debugged.  But if there are
starting to be problems with the POP code in Evo because the servers are
changing, should the devs try and fix those problems with POP (at the
risk of breaking other things) or should they just leave it alone?

  If, theoretically,
Evo abandoned it's POP components and you had an external method of
doing the same thing, would that be a workable thing for you? [Please
note, I am not a dev, there is no such proposal, I am not proposing it.]

Why, why, why is everyone so intent on making me, and others like me,
change a system we are perfectly happy with, to one you think is
"Better"?  NO! 

Calm down.  It's a discussion point, not a proposal - I went to great
lengths to say that it wasn't a proposal, nor would it be.  No one is
forcing you to do anything. I'm just interested to know why people want
to use POP.

POP access to my servers and others where I work was removed about 5
years ago - not a single complaint or grumble about it.  I was just
wondering why some people here seem to be hanging on to it.


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