Re: [Evolution] Errors receiving mail via POP

Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2014 05:01:22 -0600
From: Bart <montana_evolution_user hardinmt us>
> But, to inject a bit of controversy into this, is the usage of the very
> old POP protocol sufficient that the devs should spend time looking at
> this sort of issue?
> Why do people still use POP, when IMAP is a more
> complete solution and things like offline-imap and fetchmail exist for
> those who work in an offline environment?
They use POP because they do not want their mail residing on someone
else's computer.
I know it passes through other systems, but I have some messages that
reside for long periods of time in various email folders for various
reasons. And, I feel a lot more secure doing so.
If I lose my phone, or my iPad, or my laptop, I don't need to worry
about my email accounts.
Besides, 90 percent of the problems I see here have to do with IMAP.
I've been using POP for years and years and have very, very little
trouble. So, count me among the POP fans.
I'm with Bart here on the issues of both privacy and problems, although I will admit that I predate IMAP and have not taken the time to explore how to set it up to my liking.
For the security minded it is worth noting that legally any mail message left on a server in the US is considered "abandoned" after six months and so fair game for government voyuers.

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