Re: [Evolution] Evolution is dying

Actually, Adam, I've got Evolution open in front of me now and there IS no Help>About that I can locate. Got a hint? If you do, lay it on me.

Of course, I'm back on a Ubuntu system because Evolution didn't work on Mageia 4, either.

Component substitution is a legitimate, time-tested way to isolate hardware problems. Bench technicians all do it occasionally. Call it "quick and dirty" if you like, but it works. The fact is: if you can swap a component without changing symptoms, then you swapped the wrong component. If you swap every component on the motherboard without producing a change in symptoms, then your problem is either a) bad powersupply or b) bad motherboard or c) bad OS or d) bad software. On my old machine I swapped out everything, including the hdd, the power supply, and the motherboard and the OS-es.

Of course the components you use to test the machine must all be "known good," but I have no dearth of parts around here. And of course you have to disconnect from the network (if one is present) to check a machine in that way.

In this case, I swapped out everything including 3 OS-es (Ubuntu, Mageia, and Open Suse) I know my Internet access (HughesNet satellite broadband) is OK insofar as Web browsers in every OS I've tried work fine. Alternative mail clients work fine (You were right about T-bird. I must have forgotten to save. But you must understand that I'm going crazy trying to work this out.) Windoze 7 works fine on all accounts with two different mailers. I have your personal assurance that there's no virus at work here at my home. So what's left? The mail server itself, I suppose. How do I test that? I dunno.

I have several accounts, widely scattered. I use servers @ yahoo, @ googlemail, @ hotmail, @ outlook, @ hughesnet, and finally at my own Web space (which I rent from BlueHost, @

T-bird works on every server EXCEPT @ -- and that's the one server I really want Evolution to work with. FWIW: Evolution doesn't work @ hughesnet, either. I haven't tried it on the others.

FWIW: My Windoze 7 box uses a wonderful little mail client I stumbled across a few weeks ago. It's called PostBox. It's very small, it's very fast, and it's VERY smart. It's better than T-bird in several different ways. It looks like it was inspired by Outlook Express -- but with many more capabilities and without the MS bugs. It's not free, though. I had to pay $9.95 for it, so my banker will probably never forgive me. But if they ever port PostBox for Linux, I'll be first in line with another $9.95.

But after wracking my brains for 4 long days here at home, I'm tired of it all. I don't blame you if you're sorry you ever heard of me. So let's all of us find something else to do -- unless you think you can help?


On 05/29/2014 06:02 AM, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
On Thu, 2014-05-29 at 03:21 -0500, Jimmy Montague wrote:
Certain I was now chopping tall cotton, I booted Evolution and set up an
email account. That's when I found out that the problem was worse than
before. Evolution can lose passwords faster than I can type them in.
The only way we can help with that is if you engage in some actual
debugging - which is a *very* different practice than trial-and-error.

Trial-and-error is a *bad* way to solve problems.  Slow down and gather

You also have yet to say the version of Evolution (see Help->About) [do
*NOT* *NOT* *NOT* say the version of your *distribution*, that is *not*
an answer to the question], what type of mail account, or using what

If the problem is this persistent it should be rather obvious what the
problem is.   I just don't see this password-fail issue, so I can't
offer any specific up-front suggestions.

Have I maybe got a virus of some kind on my home network?
No.  Viruses that actually do anything like this exist only in people's
imagination; stop thinking a-virus-did-it.  It is far far far more
likely that your install is broken in some way, the network is just
broken in some way, or your ISP is broken, or the mail server you are
using is broken.  There are many ways for any of these things to be
broken and exhibit aberrant behavior [and possibly they only *test* them
when a web browser and outlook, and then call it a day -> building any
aberrations inherent in those application into the network, then by
their definition every else is "broken".]

Has anybody ever seen a mess like this in the history of the world? If
you have, please let me know. FWIW, I'm typing this message now on my
Gateway/Ubuntu/Thunderbird machine after I recreated the account that it
lost during my 8-hour absence from the keyboard.
Thanks for any advice, observations, etc. I've never had anything like
this happen to me before
I've never had this happen to me in 20+ years of using LINUX as my
primary platform [although, to be fair neither Evolution or Thunderbird
existed then].  I cannot even recall ever loosing data due to
Evolution... and that is since the 1.4.x days.

Now maybe some are going to think or say that I'm full of POOPOO and
these things aren't really happening. I'm only here because I'm a
Windoze troll raising hell with the Linux people. But it ain't so. I'm
here because I'm REALLY STUMPED.
I have very little experience with Thunderbird - but I'd consider a
disappearing account to be a major issue.  Maybe it never got saved in
the first place.

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