Re: [Evolution] Evolution is dying

On Wed, 2014-05-28 at 11:23 +0200, Peter Von Kaehne wrote:
You might not like Ubuntu, but the problem asked assistance for was a 
specific problem which might or might not have anything to do with the 
distro or indeed the computer. 
The user now thinks it was a hardware problem. If that is correct,

"Tomorrow I'm gonna shop for a kit and build a new machine. That should
fix the problem."

It is not a correct diagnosis.  Password prompting from Evolution due to
a HDD controller issue?  I only believe that only if there were also
many other issues at the same time;  the password prompt issue is well
known, gets mentioned here almost regularly, and is at least related to
several bug reports.

Adam Tauno Williams <mailto:awilliam whitemice org> GPG D95ED383
Systems Administrator, Python Developer, LPI / NCLA

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