Re: [Evolution] Evolution is dying

Thanks Bart,

Von: Bart <montana_evolution_user hardinmt us>

I've been on this list for several years now.  The observation I've made
is that running evolution on ubuntu is problematic.  I seems like that's
the distro that has the greatest of quirks.  Now, I can't believe that
everyone using ubuntu is somehow less intelligent or computer savy than
the rest of us, but....

Ubuntu users are often people who transfer from Windows and have little or no problem solving skills as far 
as Linux is concerned. Not more stupid, but less savvy, yes. And telling them to change distro instead of 
helping them to figure things out is just about the best way of spreading the problem - clueless users - and 
does nothing for improving the OP's problem solving skills.

Using evolution on Fedora seems to be fine.
Using evolution on openSUSE seems to be fine.
Using evolution on Arch seems to be fine although Arch is not for the
You want to use Debian, use Debian, not a fork that includes spyware
(see Richard Stallman on ubuntu)

You might not like Ubuntu, but the problem asked assistance for was a specific problem which might or might 
not have anything to do with the distro or indeed the computer. 

The user now thinks it was a hardware problem. If that is correct, telling him to shift distro was a totally 
unwarranted piece of of advice. And if it was not correct, then, until proven otherwise (logs!) it is still 
more likely a networking fault than anything else. 

What's not good is top posting and using HTML on a tech list!

Evolution list is a user list, not a developers's list. I was posting from my phone which does not do easily 
bottom posting. I am sorry if I upset your sensitivities. 


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