Re: [Evolution] Evolution is dying

On Wed, 2014-05-28 at 03:21 +0100, refdoc gmx net wrote:
These kind of response is pretty crap. 

Q. I use program A on distro B and have problem X.
A. Throw your setup into the bin, everyone knows that distro B is

The answer is not only unhelpful as it does not suggest any
alternatives nor gives actual reason or evidence to support such
drastic action, but it is also manifestly wrong in this particular

OP, I have a problem like yours dt a very flaky mail server (Microsoft
provided) which occasionally and without good reason locks me out with
an erroneous message that my password is wrong. Evo will then start
asking for passwords. I found the solution to be to cut Evo out of the
mail collecting business. I use getmail and offlineimap instead for
the mail collection and use Evo simply as a GUI for mail writing,
reading and administering. Both mentioned programme will simply error
out when the remote mail server flakes, but not go into a tail spin re
wrong passwords like Evo.

To check if your problem is similar to mine you would indeed need some
log reading.or you could simply try it out. Less disruptive than
changing a distro for spurious reasons



With apologies to the regulars on this list...

I've been on this list for several years now.  The observation I've made
is that running evolution on ubuntu is problematic.  I seems like that's
the distro that has the greatest of quirks.  Now, I can't believe that
everyone using ubuntu is somehow less intelligent or computer savy than
the rest of us, but....

Using evolution on Fedora seems to be fine.
Using evolution on openSUSE seems to be fine.
Using evolution on Arch seems to be fine although Arch is not for the
You want to use Debian, use Debian, not a fork that includes spyware
(see Richard Stallman on ubuntu)

So, I'm sorry, I don't think his response was pretty crap (your words).

What's not good is top posting and using HTML on a tech list!


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