Re: [Evolution] [ews] Listen for server change notifications vs check for new messages

On Wed, 2014-05-28 at 10:46 +0300, Robert Munteanu wrote:
Hm, that's a bit counter-intuitive for me. I typically spend my time
in an 'Unread' virtual folder so I get no chance to switch. Is this
mandated by evolution or ews?

it's done by evolution. If you do not have automatic updates, then the
account is skipped from the check for new mails after start. I just
recalled that there is an option in Edit->Preferences->Mail
Preferences->General tab -> Start up section at the top -> Check for new
messages in all active accounts. It's probably more accurate.

The initial idea was kind of a workaround, though it would be good to
have the automatic update on, just in case any notifications are missed
for whatever reason.

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