[Evolution] Tracker slows down evolution while indexing

Dear all,

In the past month, I experienced dramatic slowdowns, even system freeze.

My workstation is a recent PC with SSD discs and 8GB RAM, running all
latest Gnome packages from Debian SID. There is plenty of free space on
all partitions and the problem lies elsewhere.

Today, I installed Debian RT kernel. It freezed completely with running
evolution. I enquired and found that tracker was constantly indexing
that mailbox and resulting in system freezes (a few seconds). 

One of my mailboxes grew up to more than 100.000 messages. It seems that
if I remove a message, it will call tracker. So tracker was constantly
working without notice.

So I uninstalled tracker and everything is back to normal.

IMHO, it would be nice to use PostgreSQL as tracker backend and not this
kind of indexing that is being used today and does not work.

Kind regards, 

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