[Evolution] Request advice on how to work around total failure of Evolution

I find myself in a quasi-Catch-22 situation: I moved from Ubuntu 12.04 to Mint 16 Xfce yesterday, having made sure my Evolution client was fully backed up under Ubuntu. Evolution under Mint 16 Xfce 32 bit doesn't work at all - it crashes upon the first keystroke or mouse action after being started.

Bug Report #129437 has been submitted along with stack trace data.

In the meantime I can use web-mail but I cannot access any of the important emails that are stored by my Evolution email client and which are currently 'locked' within the back-up file. I cannot even migrate to Thunderbird because I cannot export my emails in mbox format until Evolution is running - in which case I wouldn't need to migrate to T'bird....  I don't expect an early resolution to this bug (not within the next 3 to 6 months I guess)

Any advice on a work around? Is there any other app. which will understand Evolution's back-up file format?


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