Re: [Evolution] Evolution stopped showing reminders before start of appointment.

It all works fine for me on Fedora 20 (Evo 3.10.4) - well after I
enabled reminders for the calendar I was playing with that is.  A
reminder popped up at the correct time and each repeat happened at the
correct interval.

Well, as I said it worked for me this way for over 7 years until recently 
it stopped. 

Unfortunately playing with a specific appointment reminder is not a good 
test. In my case, if I create a test appointment and set a reminder for 
it to pop up today, it does pops up with all requested reminders 
repeated. But if I set up the test appointment and set up a first 
reminder for it to show up let say 2-3 or more days later of today, it 
will not show up. Rather it will behave as described in my original post. 

And this is the problem. Some of my appointments are scheduled to take 
place several months ahead in the future and I would like to be reminded 
of them a couple of days in advance. It did worked this way but does not 

Are your calendars local or remote?  If remote, what sort of remote
calendar are they?

I have 3 calendars and they are local.

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