Re: [Evolution] Evolution stopped showing reminders before start of appointment.

... the evolution-alarm-notify process is ensured to be
running when the evolution is run, which wasn't the case for couple

It starts upon boot without any problem.

There could break couple things, at least according to my experience. To
name a few:

- if the calendar needs authentication, then the process can sometimes
fail to get a password due to issues to connect to gnome-keyring or
similar issue, thus it fails to open the calendar

No one of my calendars requires authentication.

- the evolution-alarm-notify process stopped running for some reason

Never noticed to happen.

- the evolution-alarm-notify process failed to connect to
evolution-source-registry, thus it doesn't know about your calendars,
which can also happen when the evolution-source-registry crashes (not a
case of 3.4.x, this process had been added in time of 3.6.x)

Never noticed to happen neither in Ubuntu nor in Xubuntu. On both I do 
not have any problems to open calendars in Evolution and to manage them 
at any time.

- the calendar is not set for Reminders at Edit->Preferences->Calendars
and Tasks->reminders tab (obviously not your case).

There might be probably more reasons, more or less similar, but these
are which I recalled right now. There usually helped to restart the
evolution-alarm-notify process, which then reconnected to other
processes and usually was able to open the calendars.

What is the correct way to restart evolution-alarm-notify manually? I've 
tried to do it just by executing /etc/xdg/autostart/evolution-alarm-
notify.desktop. The process started but Evolution could not start at all 
until I rebooted the system.

I hope it still is and will be :) There is an effort to make it better
during the time, but it sometimes brings in also new bugs or

Well, without a good reliable reminder system Evolution looses a lot. 
Just as an example - being get used to be reminded about my appointment 
in advance, when the problem in discussion showed up at the first time, I 
simply missed an important appointment. :-(

OK. Thanks for your kind response. I were the only one.

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