Re: [Evolution] Evolution stopped showing reminders before start of appointment.

I'd like to chime in: it has been my experience that appointment reminders have been FUBAR for quite a long time. Has it been one year, two years, more? I'm not sure. The logic that governs whether they show up or not, and whether they show up at the correct time or not, eludes me; the result is that, as a user, do not have much trust in the current system and end up relying on Google Calendar sending me email notifications, which is obviously not elegant.

My primary issue (and this is still true as of Evolution 3.10 and 3.12) is that I sometimes get appointment reminders at some time much later than the actual time they're supposed to be in.

Perhaps this is because my calendars are remote on Google Calendar, and I added them manually as Google calendars in Evolution (instead of GNOME Online Accounts). But I'm not certain that this does not also occur with locally-created/offline calendar events.

The thing is, when I try to empirically reproduce the issue by creating events (either from Evolution or from Google calendar) with reminders/alerts, Evolution displays them fine, at the correct time.

Maybe it has something to do with suspend/resume, session idle, timezones, or the fact that I sometimes hit the "Remind me later in X hours" button*.

I'd love to see someone thoroughly test this, find the trick to triggering it, file a bug report and let us know.

See also

*...namely bug #409805 which might explain half of my "trust" issues with Evo's calendar system.

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