Re: [Evolution] Can't send mail over an OpenVPN connection with Evolution.

On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 7:17 PM, Christian Dysthe <cdysthe gmail com> wrote:
> When you are on the vpn, can you try to a traceroute to that address?
> For example, It may be that this server is in your internal network
> and when you connect to VPN, all connections are routed through the
> VPN but since this network is internal, you can't reach the server,
> etc. etc.

Thanks. I have looked at it some more. The weird thing is that I can not
access that mail server at all when on the VPN. a 'telnet
587' gets not return from the server but I do get a route from
traceroute. When I am not on the vpn I get the normal mail server
response from this server. So this isn't an Evolution problem it seems.

Yes, this isnt an evolution problem if you can't telnet. I recommend trying with another computer and if it also doesn't work then the problem is probably somewhere between you and the server, the routing tables might be wrong or missing return path for packets, there can be a firewall blocking port 583, etc. etc. 


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