Re: [Evolution] line wrap in html preview

I think this is it. I have observed similar long lines on my Evo 3.8.3.
as Rudy. I suppose this may be related to signature section. Some time
ago, despite I was setting signature as plain text, in newly composed
email window it is displayed as preformatted. This caused mails
displayed as long lines, however I am not able to force my respondents
to send me correctly formatted emails. That is the reason, Evo should
take care and wrap (or whatever you call this) lines in displayed

Hmm, I understand what you are saying, but the HTML formatter is just
doing what the HTML tells it to do - and that isn't under the control of

I suspect it's one of those cases where it's going to get it wrong for
some of the people some of the time - perhaps the sender of the email
meant the lines to be that long, there would then be (possibly valid)
shouting if the formatter imposed a line length that wasn't wanted.


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