Re: [Evolution] line wrap in html preview

When viewing an html-formatted e-mail that I have written myself in
Evolution, there is no line-wrap. However, in the compose-window in
Evolution, there is correct line-wrap. When I also send the e-mail to my
hotmail or Gmail account, hotmail (or Outlook) and Gmail correctly
display the email with line-wrap.
It also does not seem to be consistent, as other html-email that I
receive form other people does display correctly.
Is there a setting in Evolution where I can set html email to do

There is no concept of "line-wrap" in HTML.  The text is formatted to
fill the container it is presented in (whether that be a window width or
a div container or whatever).  As such I suspect that Evolution is doing
the correct thing and the others are artificially imposing some
container on the text.

So, when you say that it doesn't wrap, do you mean that it continues in
one long line off the side of the window such that a scroll bar appears
at the bottom of the window.  Or that that it wraps at the edge of the
window, but that you want it to wrap at 72 characters or something?


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